Short Stories

A place where I store my weekly short stories.

I believe it’s George R. R. Martin who said that it’s easy and fun to start a new story but it takes determination and discipline to cut through the middle and finish the story. I’ve found that ideas come easily but that, like most starters, it’s hard to keep interested in your work. Not only because it takes a lot of concentration, a lot of hours and a lot of grit to finish something; it’s also the struggle with self-doubt when you’re surrounded by so much great literature already. It’s easy to not write because you think you can’t do it properly.

However, no one becomes George R. R. Martin overnight, not even George himself. Besides daily practising and honing your skills, an aspiring writer best starts small. Like learning to play the piano, (almost) everyone starts with ‘Mary had a Little Lamb’. I’ve surrendered myself to starting small and decided that writing everyday should be my goal, not write the best book the world has ever known.

Short Stories

I also found out that the best way to approach this goal is not the think about your insecurity, but rather to embrace the thought: “okay, what is my goal today and how can I reach it?” Only think about what needs to be done. And be kind to yourself too; if it’s not a day for good writing, then accept that and try again later. It was a relief when this realisation came. And now I’m starting this little website in an attempt to let others read my humble work, that is still far from being great, but there are probably some good elements in there too.

Writing short stories is quite fun, but demanding too. It’s hard to net get swept away and continue writing and thinking about what should also be in this story. It’s better to let out some of your ideas and to keep it simple.