God of War, a Review

Boy! – Kratos

For a few years now, I’ve enjoyed this sudden hype about the Nordic legacies and Viking tales. Besides the fact that it seemed as if everyone wanted an arrow or deer tattoo, I believe it has influenced the makings of the thrilling show Vikings and the games Horizon Zero Dawn and God of War (Skryim maybe too?). I did not manage to get completely into Horizon, despite my efforts. However, God of War got me enthralled from the first quest on.

I hadn’t played any of the previous games, though I felt1 it was not necessary. The game immediately gives you enough information through context -though not so much through conversation. Along with the cinematic views of a frozen Scandinavian land, fairly easy-to-understand gameplay and the (initial) clumsy father-son interaction, I was hooked. The mysterious death of their mother ‘Faye’ is encountered during the first scene, followed by a rather annoying man ‘who didn’t seem to feel anything!’. (Unfortunately, he returned later after I thought I’d killed him).

I won’t pretend I play all my games in legendary mode. Not even the ‘give me a challenge’ one. Sometimes, I degrade myself even further by playing the ‘give me a story,’ when I keep dying trying to defeat these impossibly frustrating poison-flinging revenants. Nevertheless, I do try to challenge myself and this game offers a challenge without a doubt. Kratos fights insanely large creatures! I had sweaty hands the first time I saw this ogre or troll or whatever its called come up to me with his weird wooden weapon. Now, I feel relieved when it’s just a troll, for I rather fight those than figuring out how to defeat another bloody dragon! It’s an enjoyable challenge nonetheless.

What I love about this game too is how the relationship between Kratos and Atreus changes significantly as you continue to complete their quests. With every quest, the player learns a bit more about why Kratos is being so distant to Atreus and why he doesn’t want him to know that Kratos is a demi-god. I am still halfway, so I’ll have to see for myself what will be revealed next!

I would admit I’m always more interested in RPG’s and even though God of War lets you walk and explore a bit, it mainly wants you to follow the storyline. I don’t mind it, but it would’ve been even better if there was more to do in sidequests.

Nevertheless, I’m loving this game and would reccomend it to everyone who likes to fight massive beasts, learn about Nordic Folklore and is not afraid of a little bit of blood.

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