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I’ll try not to impress you too much with my interesting life, though it’ll be a hard job. Born in the Netherlands, raised with a feel for creativity and art, a deep love for Ireland (mostly because of the Guinness), the necessary Dutch bluntness and stone heartedness, numerous nights of Midsummer Murder and Endeveaour and an incorrigible stubbornness. Struggled through my high school, unable to sit quietly and get good grades, but did develop a great taste for red wine. I also enjoy old school music from the ’50’s and ’60’s, like The Flamingos and my absolute heroin is Billie Holiday. Quite ironic to call her my heroin, since she was a known heroin addict. University promised better grades and an actual interest in psychology, especially neuro and forensic, though I would now say that was mostly due to the fact that I was able to spend time reading and exploring cool books in the library.

I remember writing my first story, an absolutely ridiculous tale about a bird who can’t fly and therefore falls down trees with a parachute. I’ve always been writing random stories and enjoyed reading and playing video games over massive parties, despite my numerous efforts. True relaxation I find in living into my imaginary characters and reading the dictionary or George Martin or Jane Austen or Charles Dickens and Sherlock Holmes and more. After finally realising that writing might be something I’d like to do more often, I decided to start a book club called Books & Wine, which is still going strong in Utrecht while I am away in Australia. I also enrolled in a course in English Literature, which was just awesome.

In Berlin, I’ve met my handsome Australian and that’s why I’m here now.  In the picture above, you see me, completely covered in flies reading Game Of Thrones in Red Bluff, WA, Australia. A windy son-of-a-bitch place, though with beautiful views and sunsets.



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