If I waited for perfection, I would never write a word

Margaret Atwood

I used to write more blogs than I do now. And I’m not sure why I suddenly stopped. Maybe I felt that they needed to be personal, too personal to what I was looking for. I started writing longer stories too, which take up a lot of your time and energy. But I think what I equally liked and hated about them was that I spent too much time fussing over using the right words.

English is my second language, one that I learned throughout high school but only started to truly understand and speak when I studied in Melbourne. And it got better over the years, being married to an Aussie.

Now reading through them, the posts sound interesting but to me, quite hard to read. Writing well has to do about communicating that what you want to convey – not about showing off your vocabulary.


A quote from Hemingway that I learned from Dan Brown’s masterclass emphasises it.

True mysticism should not be confused with incompetence in writing.

Ernest Hemingway

It means that if your reader is mystified, it’s because you wanted it that way, you created confusion. It should not be because you incompetently created a storyline with elaborate words that no one follows. They’ll lose the trail of your plot.

And some of them did get attention. Especially the one about Skyrim, how it had changed my life, and about God of War, which is an awesome game.

So, it’s interesting to see how I’ve developed over the years. How I became to understand different words, so cool and beautiful and mysterious and complex, but now try to avoid them. But you know, I might pick up writing blogs again.

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